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Paradise Gardens

Where Perfection is Expected

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Qualifications of a landscaping professional is the first and foremost expectation of every Corporation and District who choose Paradise Gardens Commercial Landscaping to maintain their business parks and properties.  State license, bonded and Insured are just the beginning.  A wide bandwidth of services that can be delivered simultaneously and seamlessly on-time, every time is another noteworthy qualification.

Experience is what separates the professionals from the pseudo-professionals.  Experience is mission-critical to the successful maintenance of variable environments in variable climates.  It is the ability to work well with virtually all people and personality types; e.g., corporate liaisons, managers, directors, supervisors in order to get on the same page with them and to exceed their expectations at every turn.  Experience is knowing what to expect before it happens, and to obviate for future landscaping challenges so that when they arise, we are ready for them.  Our pedigree originates at a tree farm nursery followed by a family tradition of landscaping excellence.  Our landscaping skills and know-how  has been painstakingly acquired through years and years of apprenticeship, leadership and ownership of the family business.

Reputation is the public measure of our success as a company.  Reputation goes far beyond five stars on Yelp or Google.   A strong reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose.  This is why we practice quality of life in everything we do - including the way we run our business.  We treat people the way you ought to - respectfully.  Our reputation at Paradise Gardens Commercial Landscaping is golden - and we intend to keep it that way.

Mutual Priorities are actually the priorities of the client.  It's that simple.  What we do is adopt your priorities and make them our own.  We listen actively, and then we demonstrate our understanding, so that communication is affected in a way that is nice and sparkling clear.

Positive Customer Service Interface.  Frankly, it does not matter how good you are at landscaping and being on time if you are unpleasant to work with.  In this regard, it is genuine patience, a happy disposition and a burning desire to do a better job than you expected that drives the spirit of our whole company.  We want to hear you say, "Wow!", because other than generating great feelings, "wow! leads to repeat business and referrals.

Maintenance Leadership with regard to landscaping is no different than any other team business in the world in that they all have a coach  or manager.  Paradise Gardens is no different.  Having a manager on site is critically important as there is always a need for a contingency of one sort or another.  Seasonal considerations, festivities, commemorations, parades, traffic accidents, homeless encampments, inclement weather, tremendous wind, equipment malfunctions, etc. which may clash with an otherwise best practice and require a redirect from a qualified point-person - such as a supervisor.    Having a single point of accountability and having easy real-time access to a supervisor has always been greatly appreciated by our clients.

Commercial and Residential Landscaping and Tree Services for apartment complexes, business parks, city properties, shopping centers and residential environments.  We design, build, maintain and repair sidewalks, walkways, pavers, fire-pits, chimneys, ponds, Koi ponds, fountains, waterfalls and cascades.  Paradise Gardens Commercial Landscaping and Tree Services is the very best in the business.

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