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LANDSCAPE : {TRANSITIVE VERB} meaning, "to redesign a given mass of land"

LANDSCAPING : {INTRANSITIVE VERB} meaning, "to actively affect changes to an outdoor mass of land"

LANDSCAPER : {NOUN} meaning, the person engaged in activities of landscaping"

LANDSCAPOLOGY : { VERB} meaning, "never stop learning about the science of landscaping"




Business Parks, Apartment Complex, City Greenbelts, Scheduled Maintenance of Grounds, Temecula Tree Service - including all Lawns, Turfs, Plants, Bushes, Planters, Fountains, and Ponds...




Planting, Maintenance, Restoration, Lacing & Thinning, Roots, Pruning  & Stump Removal assure that your trees continuously thrive in their natural splendor




Commercial and Residential Temecula Landscaping Maintenance is scheduled for ongoing care of your entire facility.  The specificity of care can be custom-tailored to meet both your cosmetic and logistical requirements



Lawn & Turf care, Temecula Tree Service, Plants,  Bushes, Irrigation - including Sprinkler and Sprinkler System Installation, Repairs and Cosmetic Detailing with ergo-friendly equipment




From  your concept to architectural design to build, we specialize in Concrete, Sidewalks, Pavers, Fire-pits, Ponds, Koi Ponds, Waterfalls, Cascades & Fountains




High pressure water lines in California, earthquakes added to the uncompromising expansion of tree roots and the sun (which can make oxidized vapor out of PVC, assure that something will need to be repaired by Temecula landscaping professionals


Temecula landscaping and commercial landscape maintenance, Temecula commercial irrigation management, Temecula tree services and Temecula commercial landscaping design & build are the core competency of Paradise Gardens® Commercial Landscaping.  The Pechanga Resort Casino is a perfect example of landscaping done right.  The high temperatures and lack of rain in the desert present a variety of challenges to striking the perfect landscaping balance between a great looking property and managing the use of water in the midst of a climate drought.

Temecula landscaping in commercial applications requires expertise, and a wide bandwidth of Temecula landscaping service.  Ongoing commercial landscaping education is a fundamental part of our business.  Our grounds keepers are formally trained and they attend landscaping symposiums once a year as well as an earth-first seminar.  Learning about new techniques to effectively manage hydration in desert drought conditions is a relevant example of the subjects of our training. The desert environment is changing rapidly, and as Temecula landscaping professionals, it is our responsibility to remain at the cutting edge of both organic and inorganic methods of taking care of your business property in the most efficient way possible.  

Temecula top soil, soil density, soil composition, soil augmentation, grass, turf, fertilizer, water, planting, root structure, Temecula tree care, cutting, trimming, pruning, thatching, weeding, removal, multiple locations, etc. are short list of the knowledge base requirements of all Paradise Gardens® Temecula Landscaping personnel.  This is what Temecula landscaping maintenance is all about.  Consistent, efficient, under-promise and over-deliver are the credo our company.  Our on-site supervisors make sure of it everyday.

Temecula landscaping financial management and resource management is how Paradise Gardens® Commercial Landscaping remains competitive in the market.  We are rarely the lowest price.  We are always the best value.

When your business park needs to look like it did when you bought it, when you just can't seem to keep the green green, when the water bills do not match the look of the your Temecula business park landscaping or your landscaping Temecula apartment complex  management needs, then it's time to give Paradise Gardens® Commercial Landscaping a call today!  We will exceed your expectations at every turn.    READ MORE

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